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 Team View Rules & Policies

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PostSubject: Team View Rules & Policies   Team View Rules & Policies EmptyTue Oct 06, 2009 3:29 pm

A term used for checking a computer for cheats and hacks using various techniques. The Process uses an application called
team-view (hence the term Team-view or TV) which allows a user to access another computer by remote over the internet.

Only the authorised clan team-view admins are allowed to TV a clan members computer. NEVER let anyone else access your computer
unless you trust them (especially people in-game) If anyone wants proof you have passed a TV session refer them to this website

The teamview application is available for free and perfectly safe to use. The client (person who's computer is accessed)
can cancel the session at any time. You can download either the Full Version (Team-Viewer (full version) ) or the Quick
Access Version (Team-Viewer QuickSupport)

To access your computer team-viewer needs your permission as it will assign you a unique User ID, and
a temporary password which you must give to the team-viewer. Passwords can only be used once and a new password
is required for each session.

When a TV appointment is scheduled do not empty or delete any files that may be required
for the TV session. Actions such as Re-installing Combat Arms, Reformatting Hard Drives etc.... after the
date & Time of the scheduled appointment will be deemed as avoidance and a TEAM-VIEW FAIL.

  1. To maintain our membership with the C.L.E.A.N Clans program we are required to Team View (TV) all of our members
    on induction and also on a regular random basis.

  2. Please note that a request to TV your computer is not an accusation of cheating but a requirement the clan must
    abide by. Do not take it personally as all members will undergo the random TV sessions.

  3. All members must agree to a TV session of their computers. members can opt for an independent TV session
    from someone such as LGC if they are not happy to let the clan TV admin conduct the session.

  4. Members opting for LGC to undertake the TV session will need to ensure the TV session is completed within 10 Days.
    Members failing to pass the LGC TV by that time will be expelled from the clan. If they pass the session after that time
    they may reapply for acceptance.

  5. Members who refuse, try to avoid or FAIL a TV session, will either have their application denied or if already a member
    be expelled from the clan.

  6. Members who pass the TV session will be listed on the clan forum as TV PASSED this will provide evidence that your PC
    was checked and to the best knowledge of the Team-viewer you are cheat free. Both Nexon and CBL will not accept
    team-view session as evidence of cheating but applicants/members who fail will not only be kicked from the clan but
    listed on the clan TV FAILED List.

  7. A failed teamview is where evidence is found on a computer that Hacks or Cheats were downloaded on to that computer. Viewing
    a hacking site is not a fail but downloading hacks or cheats is.

  8. Only the authorised clan team-view admins are allowed to TV a clan members computer. Members must not allow
    any other clan member to team-view them. Colonial Militia clan team-viewers undergo training and are approved by
    C.L.E.A.N Clans. With your permission we may need to copy files used in the
    session to your desktop. If you are uncomfortable with a file copied onto your desktop. the session can be done
    manually but will take a lot longer.

  9. TV sessions may last between 45-90 minutes and clan members must be present during the session.

  10. Members may cancel the TV session at anytime. Canceled TV sessions without a valid reason will be classed as a FAIL
    and the member will be expelled from the clan.
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Team View Rules & Policies
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