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 Clan War Rules

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PostSubject: Clan War Rules   Clan War Rules EmptyMon Sep 28, 2009 3:15 pm

  1. NO CLAN MATCHES unless at least 1 ADMIN/LEADER is playing.
    This way we can keep track of our status and log other cheating clans
  2. Minimum of 4 players per clan match.
  3. Members that are participating in clan matches will present themselves on teamspeak as well as in game in a positive manner.
  4. If you disagree with the way the match is going or being handled finish the match then ask to speak with an Admin, Council, or Leader.
  5. Getting angry and presenting a negative attitude will not be tolerated.
  6. Also during match play there will be NO HACKUSATING. There will be no calling the other clan Hacks, Cheaters, or anything or the sorts. You can express this on teamspeak with the other members but not in the game. Any Militia member talking smack in a clan war will be kicked from the room
  7. No member is permitted to leave a clan match for any reason other than an emergency or loss of connection. If you are lagging camp - then wait till end to leave
  8. Again if you disagree with how the match is progressing or being handled wait until the match is over and leave the room
  9. As for the other clan cheating in anyway. We will kick the clan once the match is over, unless it is very obvious like speeding, flying, and/or half bodies.
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Clan War Rules
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