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 Teamspeak Rules

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Teamspeak Rules Empty
PostSubject: Teamspeak Rules   Teamspeak Rules EmptyMon Sep 28, 2009 3:20 pm

  1. ADMIN/LEADER will be the only members with SA rights
  2. There will be NO changing or editing of rooms/channels.
  3. Please be courteous in regards to abusive language considering there are younger members on the squad.
  4. Please do not give out our IP to ANYONE without permission from a LEADER. If you are AFK GO TO AFK Channel.
  5. If you are AFK for long periods you may be kicked from the channel, simply log back in when you return
  6. NO TEXT SPAMMING or multi channel changing
  7. Clan war teams must use the clan war channel, so chatter from other players does not interfere
  8. Players in different games can use other channels if needed
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Teamspeak Rules
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