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 In Game Rules

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PostSubject: In Game Rules   In Game Rules EmptyMon Sep 28, 2009 3:31 pm

  • While in servers, there will be NO spamming with text
  • We are trying to expand this squad and portray ourselves as professional adults, Do not start hackusating
    or abusing other players, this may result in suspension or expulsion from the clan

Members with ELITE Moderater
  • An ELITE may kick another player from room for a waiting clan member
  • When letting a fellow member into the server, let the server know its going to happen
  • Let the person you are going to kick know that you need to make room for another clan member
  • Kick the lowest ranked player, who has the least amount of kills + deaths in the room
  • Try to kick Hackers with a consensus from the room or players on Teamspeak
  • Members with ELITE Moderater must not abuse this staus in game. ELITE abusers may
    be suspeded or expelled from clan
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In Game Rules
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