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 Clan Rules

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  1. These are our clan rules by applying to Colonial Militia you have fully read and understood our conditions of acceptance. Any member breaking the rules may be suspended or expelled from clan.
  2. All members are required to be LGC approved (preferred) or allow a teamview by clan admin. Colonial Militia also conducts random teamviews from time to time
  3. Colonial Militia leader is Hector_Frost and the clan is managed by him and clan admins. Members are expected to follow clan war guidelines at all times.
  4. If a member is misbehaving in clan chat and is instructed by an admin to stop, they are expected to discontinue use of clan chat until they can behave. If the leader or administrator give an order in a clan war, it is expected to be followed in order to ensure a win. Any member disobeying an order in a clan war will be suspended from clan warring for a certain amount of time depending on the situation and the admin-in-charge’s decision.
  5. Administrators are chosen for a reason and they are not only there to help moderate the clan, but they also lead our clan wars. Clan wars can only be started by an Admin. All clan war members must have a headset and logged into the TS server.
  6. Members are expected to act and conduct themseleves respectively at all times please do not get into a haxusation fight with other players
  7. An age requirement 18yrs and over is required but exceptions may be made based on the applicants maturity. If behaviour is continually deemed immature you may be suspended or expelled from the clan. Please note we are a mature clan and occasionally use language and humour which may contain explicit or offensive material.
  8. Racial/Sexist and abuse of fellow members will not be tolerated, abusers may be suspended or expelled. We are a mature clan and from time to time will
    have fun with each other but memebers are required to treat each other with respect and courtesy at all times. If you have a problem with a certain member
    bring it up with an admin or clan leader and the matter will be investigated. Memebrs breaking this rule will be expelled from the clan.
  9. NO Pornographical material will be posted at any time.
  10. NO Links to HACKED software or CHEATS will be posted.
  11. There is no begging allowed in this clan. We do not tolerate members begging for NX, or harrasing members.

Hacking Cheating Policy
  • All members must be CBL Clean If any person is found to be reported on the CBL they will be dismissed from the clan
  • Any members that have evidence of Hacking or glitching against them will be dismissed.
  • Members who are stat flagged, will be investigated by Admins and may be asked to be Teamviewed. Appropriate action will be taken depending on the outcome including suspension or expulsion.
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Clan Rules
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