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 Procedure and requirements for joining - READ BEFORE APPLYING -

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Procedure and requirements for joining - READ BEFORE APPLYING - Empty
PostSubject: Procedure and requirements for joining - READ BEFORE APPLYING -   Procedure and requirements for joining - READ BEFORE APPLYING - EmptyThu Sep 24, 2009 6:35 pm

The goal of the clan is to promote fairness and credibility ingame and build a reputation of hack free mature members within the gaming community. If you are wanting to gain a reputation as a hack free player and then apply.

To apply you will first need to register on the website. We will not accept any application in game until approved here

  • 18yrs and over (exceptions maybe considered)
  • Staff Sergeant (SSG) or above
  • KDR .80 or higher
  • All applicants must be CBL clean ( )
  • LGC approved (preferred) ( LGC - How to apply )or agree to an clan admin Teamview of their computer. (note this involves allowing admin to your computer and take from 1 hour to an hour and a half )
  • We expect all members to act maturely at all times.
  • You will also need a headset and microphone for Team Speak. members will not be allowed to Clan War if not on Team Speak.

    Although the clan provide a thorough teamview of your computer it is better to have an independent source such as LGC for the teamview as it provides greater credibility which experienced gamers will respect (you will always have your cryers but nothing you can do about that) Read Teamview Guide Here

Information to provide
Highlight and copy the following questions below, navigate to the Introduce Yourself forum, Click on the NEW THREAD button
at top of page, Paste in the questions and answer:
  1. IGN (In Game Name) & KDR
  2. Where you are from?
  3. Age?
  4. Do you have a headset and teamspeak?
  5. Are you LGC approved?

All applications will be checked to ensure CBL clean and all applicants. Applications ingame without Admin approval will be
automatically rejected.

Once your application is approved an admin will reply and advise you to apply to the clan page in game, you will be promoted to the rank CLAN MEMBER on our website and have access to the
instructions/Address and password for Team Speak (plus other information)
Please ensure you read the RULES & GUIDELINES for the clan before applying. While in the clan you agree to a adhere
to the rules and guidelines
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Procedure and requirements for joining - READ BEFORE APPLYING -
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