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 Applying for Guild

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PostSubject: Applying for Guild   Applying for Guild EmptySat Oct 31, 2009 5:17 am

IGN (In Game Name) & KDR ( _-Angelo-_ ) (KD.R .82)

Where you are from. (United States, California)

Date of birth. (February 5th, 1990.)

Do you have a headset and teamspeak (yes, built into my laptop)

How long you have been playing CA for and describe your fighting style (ie. sniper, close quarters, mele, support etc) (I have been playing CA for a long time now eight months ago to be exact, and my fighting syle is sniping. My sniping is very good with my permanent artic wolf and a little bit CQB-Close Quarter Battle. Sniping 80% and CQB. 60%)

Your best Map and Game Mode (1st:Waverider, 2nd:Death room, 3rd:Grave Digger)

Date and time you available for a Teamview session (I am always online especially during the weekends. Combined playtime I get playing CA. around or close to 45 hours per week) (You will see me online for Teamview)
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Applying for Guild
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