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 CBL - The Community Ban List

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PostSubject: CBL - The Community Ban List   CBL - The Community Ban List EmptyMon Sep 28, 2009 4:03 pm

CBL - The Community Ban List Cbl_site_header3

CBL is a community web forum dedicated to listing gaming cheats.


CBL has no affiliation with Nexon. It is privately maintained by a group of people who desire to provide a useful tool for the legit gaming community and want to see cheaters both identified and punished as they deserve.

The CBL does not ban players, but lists their status as either "dirty," meaning they have confirmed reports of either hacking, glitching, exploits, or a ToS Violation; or "clean," meaning they have no reports against them. Clans are automatically assigned "dirty" status if they have members who are confirmed as "dirty" themselves. Users are encouraged to make their own decisions when viewing reports and evidence to decide of someone should be considered a "cheater."

When a player is reported to the Community Ban List with decisive evidence, the report is entered into a database that is easily searchable. This allows anyone to determine whether an individual player or even a whole clan has a history of exploiting the game. When a report is made at the CBL website it generates forum code to make the reporting process at Nexon simple and easier for Nexon employees to read. Reporting a player at the CBL site allows us to keep track of the player and offenses and reporting to Nexon gives them the evidence needed to take appropriate action against the offender.

More information about CBL may be found at their web forum

Colonial Mililita members are encouraged to screenshot or Fraps in-game cheats and post the report along with eveidence to BOTH Nexon and CBL
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PostSubject: Re: CBL - The Community Ban List   CBL - The Community Ban List EmptySun Apr 18, 2010 7:08 pm

aww the links dont work

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CBL - The Community Ban List
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