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PostSubject: Stealth__'s App   Stealth__'s App EmptyMon Dec 21, 2009 7:40 pm

Hey guys,

1.IGN & KDR: Stealth__ 2.0

2.Where you are from. New Zealand

3.Date of birth. 1994 may 5

4.Do you have a headset and teamspeak : yup

5.How long you have been playing CA for and describe your fighting style (ie. sniper, close quarters, mele, support etc)
2 months after it game out and i usually camp and snipe or just assaut rifle

6.Your best Map and Game Mode
power surge, snow valley, road kill, showdown, sand ho elim or elim pro snd

7.Date and time you available for a Teamview session
Anyday between 1-2pm 7-9 pm or just anytime i'm on
This is in NZ time zone.

Thanks Very Happy
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Stealth__'s App
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